Learning 3D Character Animation with Jeff Lew / Aprender a Animar un personaje

Learning 3D Character Animation with Jeff Lew
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Genre: eLearning

From the Lead Animator of Matrix Reloaded, Learning 3D Character Animation with Jeff Lew is one of the few real character animation classes on DVD. There are so many how-to videos on the market showing you how to setup a character or model a character in a specific 3D software package, but very few training videos showing you actually how to animate a character in 3D.

This DVD will teach you strong fundamentals necessary for creating great character animation in any 3D animation software package. This DVD will also teach you how to animate efficiently and effectively on the computer, something you cannot learn from reading a book.
Total Run Time: 231 minutes (nearly 4 hours long!)
Audience Level: Beginner to Intermediate
3D Software: For any character animation software. Not software specific.

PART 1: Tools and Technical Methods (1 hr 32 min)
This section explains the functions of the standard animation tools used currently for 3D character animation. It illustrates how animation software processes animation data, giving the viewer an important understanding of how computer animation works. Finally, it reveals the common mistakes made by animators, and how to trouble shoot technical problems.

PART 2: Artistic Principles and Applications (1 hr 21 min)
This section covers the major artistic principles and theories behind animation, and how to apply these principles using the tools shown in the Part 1. It uses many different animations to illustrate these principles.

PART 3: Complete Animation Example (58 min)
This section follows a complete character animation process from start to finish. The 5-hour animation process has been edited down to 1 hour. This section uses the tools, techniques, and principles shown in the previous sections in an actual character animation process.



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