The Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch 3

The Gnomon Workshop - Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch 3: The Marine Mare and Uberhorse
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In this third DVD of a series, Terryl Whitlatch demonstrates how to create an aquatic equine based on horse anatomy.

Starting with a detailed study of an ordinary horse and ending with several fully rendered illustrations, she shares her techniques and tools—pencils, markers, and tracing paper—as well as a throrough exploration of animal anatomy.

Relax as she guides you through the intricacies of leg and hoof structure, as well as the sensitive head, powerful muscles, and noble spirit—all essentials for designing a believable but imaginary steed. From there she covers how to create a mount powerful enough to carry a hero of yore, and then goes on to design an exotic, literal sea horse—a mare that is at home both on land and in the ocean—as well as its reptilian rider.

Throughout the DVD, she explores different poses and drawing studies of both horse creatures, giving you insights into her development and thought processes.

Topics Covered:

* Basic Horse Anatomy
* Importance of Horse Drawing for Creature Designers
* Drawing an Uberhorse: various poses in motion, anatomy, head studies
* Drawing a fantasy horse: various poses in motion, anatomy, head studies
* Color demo of Marine Mare
* Stylized character version and repto-amphibious rider


1. Introduction
2. Basic Horse Anatomy
3. The Uber or Super Horse, Full Gallop
4. The Marine Mare, Side View, Standing Heroic Pose
5. The Marine Mare-Coloration
6. The Uber Horse in Motion, Front View
7. The Marine Mare in Motion, Front View
8. The Marine Mare Front View, Color Demo
9. Head Study, Front View, Color Demo



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